Credit Card Processing for your Movie Theater

The internet has shifted our perceptions of the world. The media can sometimes make us feel as if every space in America is bustling and cosmopolitan. But there are still lots of towns and neighborhoods with less than five thousand people (sometimes far less). And a teenager in a small mid-western town is equally open to the latest celebrity gossip.

In that kind of town, just as in a big city, your movie theatre may be the center of social life. It’s a place to hang out and connect with the wider world, watching the same movies the rest of the world is. And the mode of payment remains the same. Or at least it should.

Swipe and sit

Whether in a big city or a smaller community, credit cards are a convenient mode of payment. To encourage repeat business, you could even have a loyalty card program. For your movie theatre, credit cards have an even larger benefit. They allow customers to pay faster and more easily. Swiping a card is faster than paying cash and waiting while you count out their change. And when a customer doesn’t have cash on them, the the line really gets backed up. And time is a premium in the movie business, not just because a customer who is still in line when the movie is scheduled to start will surely be a lost customer, but also because customers will forego buying popcorn and snacks if they don’t have time to get them, which can be devastating to your bottom line, in the long run. If those lines are also backed up, then you are losing money.

Why Make it Hard for Your Customers to Pay You?

Requiring cash from disappointed customers who want to put the expense on their credit card is needless drama. Some top payment processors have smartphone apps now, and some even offer them at no additional cost. This means your customer can log into their payment app to buy their ticket and skip the line entirely, saving time not just for them, but also for everyone who would have been in line behind them. It’s a win for everyone–especially you!

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