Credit Card Processing for Your Curio Shop

Businesses operate on varying models. High-end products and services bill seemingly impossible prices. These types of businesses don’t expect a lot of daily sales. But if they get one sale per week, it’s enough to cover their overheads and still offer a hefty profit. Other businesses operate on volumes. They have massive sales numbers, with a smaller profit on each one.

Curio shops can fall into either category. They can include the kind of key chains, carvings, or souvenirs you can get at the airport, perhaps emblazoned with the name of that town or city. They might also be branded with a stereotypical motif such as a local landmark, animal, bird, motto, or mascot. On the other hand, Curio shops can also include some unique or elaborate items, costing hundreds of dollars or more. And there’s the kind of curio that you might pick up at a fair. It could be a rare spice, a jar of tropical essential oil, a herbal remedy, or an intriguing piece of bronze-ware or ceramic. The backstory attached to the curio could make customers fork out quite a bit for their purchase.

Paying to scale

People visiting a curio shop don’t know what to expect. So they may carry only a few loose dollar bills, planning to buy some cheap gifts or t-shirts for the folks back home. But when something more elaborate catches their eye, or if they turn out to want more than just one or two items, they’ll soon run out of cash. By accepting credit cards, you could increase the amount a customer spends from just a few dollars to hundreds. This works for two reasons:

  • Studies show that paying by credit card hurts less psychologically, so customers spend more on average, statistically speaking, when using a credit card instead of cash.
  • If they only plan to spend small denominations, they won’t even take a second look at the pricy portion of your display. But knowing they can swipe will increase their purchasing power, and opens up the possibility, both psychologically and logistically. After all, when spending cash, they can’t pay what they don’t have.

Choice is everything

Simply knowing they can buy some of your nicer pieces will make them look more closely. They’ll also spend a longer time in your curio store, which broadens your sales window.

If you select the right payment processor, you can be accepting credit cards within one business day. Make sure to also check their website for rates. Some of the best payment processors will give you free payment terminals or online software. Plus, if you choose the right processor, it’s free to apply.

For more information on credit card processing for your curio shop, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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