Credit Card Processing for Vermont Businesses

Vermont is right at the border with Canada, and it is a large state with a relatively sparse population – as at 2018, there were about 600,000 residents spread at about 60 to 70 people per square mile. The only state with a smaller population than Vermont is Wyoming.

Considering Vermont borders Quebec, and knowing its capital is Montpelier, you’d expect a lot of French to be spoken there. In reality, the population is pretty mixed, with sizeable communities whose ancestry traces back to Ireland, Korea, Germany, China, India, Greece, Italy, Sri Lanka, and a good number of Native Americans. Businesses in Vermont center around the ski slopes, but there’s also a rich artisan food space, and a lot of agricultural activity.

Milk it to the max

Dairy farming is big here, as well as (ski-based) tourism, forestry, and natural stone quarrying (granite and marble). Top artisan food products include cheese, butter, craft beer, ginseng, and, of course, jam. Vermont is also the home of Ben & Jerry’s. Curiously, Vermont is also a large scale exporter of niche items like fine paint, flour and teddy bears. This wide array of commercial options, plus the vibrant multi-cultural community, requires a global business approach.

Think of it this way: although Vermont residents are (relatively) few and far apart, they have a lot of international connections. This gives them a global outlook and multi-national linkage. So it makes sense that your Vermont business should accept credit cards. Credit cards solve lots of issues, like carrying cash across long distances, or doing deals with friends and partners overseas. Also, even within Vermont, homes and businesses are sometimes geographically isolated.

A new kind of bank run

In these cases, credit cards provide more security than dealing in cash. It works out cheaper too, because everything takes place online or via mobile. You don’t have to drive to the bank, or worry about accounting challenges. You don’t even have to be restricted to local financial institutions. With the right credit card processor, you can have your merchant account linked to city banks in every part of the country. Your Vergennes business could be banked in New York – if you felt so inclined.

And despite the physical distance between customers and businesses, credit cards facilitate immediate transactions. When you use a viable credit card processor, customers are verified instantly, and the cash hits your account in 24 to 72 hours. Security-wise, you get military levels of encryption. Because you’re not dealing in cash, your premises is less of a target.

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