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Credit Card Processing for Steakhouses

There are good reasons for credit card processing for steakhouses, and the franchised cookie cutter restaurants know all about those reasons. One reason is the competition from the many independent steakhouses. Most independent steakhouse have a loyal local clientele. They don’t want franchise steak. The authentic methods for preparing steaks is an art form. Medium, rare or aged, there are many ways to tempt the palate of steak lovers. Advertising and word of mouth might draw locals and some of the huge numbers of visitors there for business and pleasure. However, if they find they can’t pay with a credit card, they may go elsewhere to find a restaurant that will accept plastic. Customers aren’t necessarily carrying around a pocket full of cash to pay for dinner and drinks. The vacationers and out of town business people want to keep their money safe while traveling and the safest, most convenient way to do that is  credit card use.

Credit Card Processing Announces a Big Texas Welcome to your Texas Steakhouse.

A group of friends head for your highly recommended steakhouse in Texas. You own it and supervise the food preparation. When your hungry diners arrive, one spots your “cash only” sign as they enter and wait for seating. After a short discussion about how much cash the group has collectively, they regretfully leave. They could go to an ATM machine, take out some cash and return to your restaurant. But that seems like a lot of trouble to them especially since it didn’t occur to them you wouldn’t process their credit cards for payment. They definitely left hungry and a little angry at what they perceive as poor customer service. You may perceive it as a further expression of your independence and operating your restaurant your way. That’s your right but here’s what happened; a couple of hundred dollars just walked out the door with disgruntled customers who will not return or recommend your restaurant. Because credit cards provide instant approval and the money is deposited into your account within 3 days, their credit card was as good as cash and their good will as good as gold. Your cost would have been a tiny transaction fee. Instead, you just paid hundreds.

Take the Guesswork out of Steakhouse Dining

Your dining customers are not as likely to calculate the cost of their dining experience while being seated at your steakhouse when paying with credit cards. It’s one of the reasons they use credit cards; they don’t have to worry about having enough cash. They have a general idea, based on dining experience, of the approximate cost but not necessarily an exact price. Some of your guests come in with their money saving dinner plan. They will order water to drink, no starter and no dessert. Since their dining plan isn’t based on how much cash they have on hand they’re free to make adjustments to their plan as the night goes on. They can do that because they are paying by credit card. They see a huge frozen Margarita pass by on a tray and they’ve got to have one. They see the size of the crab stuffed shrimp and salivate. They’re stuffed but want just a taste of that volcanic chocolate stuff with raspberry drizzle so they split the dessert. They’ve eaten so much and everybody’s having a good time so one more Margarita won’t hurt. Aren’t you glad you decided on a merchant account provider to set you up with credit card processing for your dining guest? That scenario repeats itself throughout each evening proving again that people who use credit cards spend more money; sometimes twice as much and they loved every minute.

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