Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses in Missouri

Human nature is a curious thing. It’s driven by comparison, both negative and positive. But because these judgements are rarely objective, we assume others have it better than us. It’s why many city residents are wistful about living in a small town. They long for the clean air, friendly neighbors, and the ability to leave doors unlocked. Meanwhile, small town populations (especially younger people) can be frustrated by limited opportunities and feeling like they have ‘nothing to do.’

In the business space, the differences can feel more acute. Missouri is largely agricultural, with an emphasis on soy, beef, dairy, pork, and corn. This means that many businesses have farming ties. Fertilizer suppliers, animal feeds, livestock tools, large scale storage options, and transportation for your produce. Of course there are more nationally-common commercial products too, like clothing, school books, consumer goods, and even movies.

Size makes a difference

The distinguishing factor here is scale. Small towns – and small businesses – are driven by human connection, so you don’t just want your customers to swipe and go. Also, if you get the same ten customers every week, it might hardly seem worth the hassle of getting credit card equipment.

That said, even in small towns, credit cards can be helpful. They improve your customers’ credit score, which can help them access financial products like car loans and mortgages. You can also give your customers specialty service by enrolling them in a loyalty program. But while the benefits are clear, you may still be unconvinced it’s worth the drama. Lucky for you, signing up as a credit-card-accepting business is practically effortless.

Quick, stress-free application

If you find the right payment partner, you can sign up for your merchant account in minutes. Approval is immediate, and any cash transacted will hit your account in 3 days maximum, and sometimes in as little as a day. Being a small-town business that hasn’t used credit cards before, you may not have a good rating – or really, any rating. So find a merchant processor that works with no credit or bad credit (some even accepts prior bankruptcies). This can solve your no-credit conundrum.

Some credit card processors will do everything for you. They’ll set up your website for eCommerce, giving you high-grade encryption and free virtual shopping carts. You get free smartphone payment apps, credit card terminals, and programming for individual card networks, all at no extra charge. For customers that still prefer to pay by cash or check, your merchant processors can enable you to process checks by phone, fax, or email.

Whether you’re happy with your small-town business or you want to get more ‘city-fied’, accepting credit cards is a smart move. For more information on credit card processing for small businesses in Missouri, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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