Credit Card Processing for Seattle Grocers

If you’re awake late at night in Seattle, perhaps on the night shift at Amazon, you might find yourself at a late-night greengrocer. Fresh fruits and vegetables are perishable, so they become a relatively frequent purchase. This means that if you’re behind the counter, having a loyal customer base is great for cash flow.

You get to know your crowd and their preferences. You can also experiment with exotic produce, because that personal relationship with your buyers can help you prime them into trying something new. That said, farm produce can be bought anywhere, so if you want your ‘fans’ to choose your store over the farmer’s market, one option to consider is to start a loyalty program.

Ease the process

It doesn’t have to be complex. Offer discounts and benefits for regular users. This can be helpful when their favorite ‘plant’ is off-season, because they’ll still be tied to your store, and you can convince them to buy something that is in-season. Otherwise they’ll go elsewhere, looking for a greenhouse version of their chosen produce. And if they are going elsewhere for one thing, you’ll likely lose their business for lots of other purchases they would have also made while they happened to be in your store, which they will be making at your competitor’s place of business instead.

A good payment processor can provide you with portable electronic keypads. a smartphone app, or whatever equipment or software best suits your needs. And sharing your merchant processor connection with your farm connections will cut costs and increase sales for everyone involved.

For larger purchases and sales, look into a payment processor that can also deal with checks, ACH payments, and cash, right within your payment portal. With payment apps, you can even include the option to tip your delivery guys on your smartphone. Credit card processing can be especially useful for periodic produce.

For more information on credit card processing for Seattle greengrocers, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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