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Credit Card Processing for Printing Businesses

If it’s quick, safe, and simple, then it’s worth a second look. Credit cards are part and parcel of many contemporary businesses. They have created a cashless model in the business world and numerous stakeholders are adopting it. The popularity of the system is due to the numerous benefits you get running it as a payment method in your business.

If you run a printing business, a credit card is the most sensible method to conduct transactions. It may sound complex but it’s extremely simple.

How it works

Once you have rendered your printing services, the next step is to charge the customer. The customer swipes their card to make payment and the credit card processing begins. Information about the purchase is sent to the acquiring bank. The information is used by the credit card network to clear payment and seek authorization from the cardholder’s bank, which is called the “issuing bank.” The issuing bank carries out the following functions: verifying the validity of the card, checking whether there are sufficient funds to complete the transaction, and finally approving or declining the transaction and conveying that information back to the business. Receipt of the authorization is followed by the issuing bank availing the money for later processing and authentication is completed by printing a receipt or forwarding an email confirmation. Despite the numerous checks and stakeholders, the entire process is virtually instantaneous.

There is little you have to do to enjoy the benefits of credit card transactions in your printing business:

  • Have a business bank account to receive payments and allow transfers from the issuing bank–and having a bank account is something that any business should do, regardless of whether it accepts credit cards.
  • Sign up with a merchant account provider.

The benefits you enjoy from accepting credit cards are unparalleled. The processing is encrypted so that it’s safe for you and your clients. The system keeps records of every transaction.

Who is involved?

Credit card processing relies on several stakeholders who guarantee efficiency and safety. Your printing business is the merchant which sells a service to a client. The client or cardholder is also a stakeholder. Your bank, the acquiring bank, is responsible for requesting and receiving payment from the client’s bank. The cardholder’s bank transfers the funds.

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