Credit Card Processing for Pet Care Professionals

Pet care professionals benefit from credit card processing because it makes things much easier for their customers. Customers tend to frequent businesses that make their day a little easier, and to avoid businesses that make their day more difficult. For instance, a customer is standing at the groomers counter trying to write a check. Their dog’s leash is wrapped around one of the customer’s wrists and both of their ankles, and the the pup is pulling with all its might, determined to get at a cat crate. Dealing with counting out bills and change or writing a check in that situation is challenging indeed! Now add a toddler or a second pet to the mix and you have an aggravated customer who just wishes you would send her bill in the mail.

On the other hand, if you accept credit cards, your customer could have whipped her card out of her jeans pocket, swiped it and been done. Better still, this customer may be one who prefers you save her credit card information. With her permission, you could then just debit it for the amount due while she’s walking out the door. That’s a more positive experience for the pet owner. And studies show that customers are statistically more likely to spend more money when using a credit card. That means a better chance of bigger tips and more impulse buys at the counter.

 Convenience for your customers

Convenience is a big deal for customers.  Pet care professionals benefit from credit card processing by making sure it’s easy for customers to do business with them.  You charge for your doggie day care services in 4 hour increments. Some clients come in almost every day, others once a while, and some just for a one-time play date. They don’t want to go by the ATM each time to get cash before they drop off or pick up their dog. They want to flash their credit card and be done. And you are a small business owner who wants cash flow. When the customer swipes their card, you’ll know instantly if the the transaction is approved or not. There’s nothing more demoralizing than having to refuse services because a customer is a little short today or because their check bounced. That can all be a thing of the past if you accept credit cards as payment.

Good customer service

Whether you are a veterinarian, a groomer, a dog walker or a trainer, the chances are that your clients are often in a hurry. They have questions or you have questions. So you’re both trying to talk at the same time they are paying their bill, and managing their pet. Their mind is already on their next task, and maybe yours is too sometimes. So, it can be a real benefit when pet care professionals process credit card payments. Customers consider it good customer service. They don’t want you to make it hard for them to utilize your services. If they can’t do a quick pay by credit card they may associate doing business with you as being a hassle or poor customer service. If 70% to 80% of the population prefers to pay by credit card (as statistics show), then why wouldn’t you give them what they want? It’s just good business practice. Your business will have a hard time surviving, let alone thriving, on the 20% to 30% who are okay with paying cash or writing a check. You still want them as customers so you can still accept their cash and checks. But in order for your business to reach more than a fraction of its potential, you need to provide acceptable customer service to the large majority of customers who prefer to pay with a credit card.

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