Credit Card Processing for Pet Care Businesses

Set up credit card processing for your pet care business and you will experience how much easier billing, receipts and tax accounting can be. Getting payment from your clients will be reliable, and the money will be in your banking account within three business days or less, instead of languishing as just a number in your accounts receivable column, for weeks, months, or even longer. Neither you nor your clients will have to worry about whether they have cash on hand to pay you or about bounced checks, or waiting for a check to clear.

Your pet care business does not have to be in one fixed place in order to accept credit cards. All you need is a top notch merchant account service to supply you with a card reader and software for your phone or mobile terminal. For more flexibility, link your home computer, laptop or tablet to your mobile device.

Credit card processing for pet care businesses will set you free

Pet Care is a great business, and the most reputable merchant service providers offer credit card processing geared to the many pet care services customers depend on.

  • Internet Processing Software is the credit card processing solution best suited to online suppliers of pet care products. It could also be used by veterinary clinics as an easy online bill paying option for client who carry a balance due.
  • An electronic keypad terminal is generally the best option for face to face credit card transactions. Doggy day care centers, veterinarians, obedience training centers, boarding facilities and brick and mortar stores supplying pets and pet care products.
  • Wireless/mobile credit card processing can use your cell phone or a dedicated mobile terminal to process credit cards. This is perfect for in-home pet sitters, dog walkers, mobile groomers, and anyone else that conducts business away from any particular fixed location.

You can reach more potential customers because you accept credit card payments, and repeat business will tend to be more consistent. Customers of pet care businesses expect merchants to accept credit card payments just as do nearly all other merchants they frequent. Therefore, it’s necessary to your success.

Credit card processing for nonprofit pet care businesses

Nonprofits understand the benefits and necessity of accepting credit card payments, particularly for the shelter pets they labor tirelessly to rehome. There may be no room in the budget for delayed payment by check or IOU. And individuals, companies, or other organizations making donations appreciate the automatic receipt generated by a credit card transaction for making tax deductions.

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