Credit Card Processing for Pet Care Businesses

There’s an episode from a popular TV show, where the characters are investigating a pet-knapping. The main character does ‘his thing’ of looking into the vet’s eyes and asking her what her deepest desire is. She goes into that tell-tale trance, then shrugs and says,

‘Nothing, I’m good.’


She nods emphatically. ‘Do you know how much people spend on their pets? More than they spend on kids! Believe me, I have everything I want.’

That dialogue isn’t verbatim from the show, but the point rings true. Pet care is a lucrative business because prices are premium and pet owners are willing to fork out for their fur-babies. Whether it’s quarterly shots, monthly ‘play dates’ or weekly grooming, pets are the best kind of cash cow, especially of you love animals and find your work to be a calling. It really is the job that keeps on giving.

Pets and pockets

A good pet care specialist understands the drama though. Pets don’t always want to visit your store. Nail clippers or syringes? De-ticking or fur-snipping? Flea spray or Feng Shui? Do they get to go home with their pet parent, stay overnight, or remain at the kennel all summer?

These scenarios present a lot of stress, both to the pets and their owners. Because in addition to the psychological distress (and financial expense), pets often come in kicking and squeaking. Between the hyper animal and their endless accessories (pet carrier, brush, chew toy, favorite snack, leash, bell collar), your customers literally have their hands full. They don’t need the extra hassle of rifling through their bags or pockets for cash and change.

Allowing your customers to pay by credit card eases the process for everyone. They can use payment apps on their smartphones, and can even program it to pay on a schedule. This is helpful for grooming sessions, because they’re planned and scheduled, meaning it’s an anticipated cost. Customers can automate payments so they don’t have to worry about it on the day, and neither do you.

Cost-cutting convenience

But even for one-off visits during a vet emergency or casual incident, customers can still swipe their cards or pinch their apps. It leaves you to focus on bigger things, like calming your four-legged, winged, or scaly client, and administering their treatment or service. You don’t have to chase checks and play phone tag with the post office (as you repeatedly check if it’s really in the mail, pun intended).

Credit card processing is cheaper than cash/check banking. You can review all incoming and outgoing payments at a glance, right on your smartphone or other device. Mobile credit card processing eases any cash-flow challenges, keeping your shelves stocked.

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