Credit Card Processing for Pest Control Companies

Credit card processing for pest control companies is an efficient option because technicians can bill customers on site. Even for contract customers, and especially domestic customers, billing them at each contracted visit saves time and paperwork for both you and the customer, and it ensures that you will be paid, and paid on time. Wireless mobile credit card processing can turn any mobile smart phone or IPad into an immediate payment acceptance device. It’s an ideal system for any mobile merchant, and it works for any sized company. If you’re a sole proprietor pest control contractor that is both owner and operator, wireless mobile credit card processing will probably be ideal for you. You will be spending less time at the office doing accounting and chasing down late payments. For larger companies with several technicians in the field, each equipped with wireless mobile credit card processing, billing can be completed as they go through their daily appointments. Using their smart phone card processing attachment, the customer swipes their card, receives a digital receipt and the transaction is complete.

Credit Card Processing Accelerates Cash Flow

Once a customer pays their bill using a credit card processed on your wireless mobile card processor you have confirmation within just seconds whether the credit card is good and the transaction has gone through. If each day’s work orders have to be converted into invoices and mailed to the customer, somebody in your company is being paid to do that. Sometime during the next thirty days you might receive full payment and you will pay someone to record that payment and deposit the check in your bank. You can’t spend it until the check is cleared. Billing customers with the old invoicing method costs you money in labor and you may not have access to the money for up to sixty days. That’s if all goes well. Using the invoice method, businesses would arrange with banks to float them money for operating expenses using the unpaid invoices as surety. That isn’t a free service so add those fees to your cost of doing business while you wait for your money. And all of that doesn’t even include the deadbeats who send a bad check or skip out on their bill, and never pay you at all.

Keep More of Your Money

The old system of invoicing customers for jobs and waiting for payment is not as cost effective as securing a merchant service to accept credit cards. Any costs associated with credit card processing are practically nothing compared to invoice fees.

  • Hourly wages being paid to your employee in billing and receivables.
  • Collection proceedings for unpaid invoices that may never be paid.
  • Bank fees for a line of credit for operating expenses while you await payment.
  • Cost of forms printing and postage.
  • Whatever price you choose to put on aggravation associated with uncertain payments.

If you search, you can find a merchant service provider with no application fees, set up fees, or cancellation fees. Compare transaction rates; there’s a broad price range, so look for a low-price guarantee. The best merchant service provider may also have the lowest rates. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of paying by secure credit card processing on site instead of having to write and mail in a check. And if you don’t accept credit cards, many potential customers will go to one of your competitors who do.

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