Credit Card Processing for Orlando Businesses

Orlando is best known for Disney World, even though Disney isn’t technically inside the Orlando city limits, and even though the area has lots of other theme parks. These include wax museums, exotic animal parks, craft breweries, ice bars, and even a Harry Potter center. Guests come from miles around and plan their trips months in advance. Many even come from overseas. And when you’re making that kind of trip, you might not be carrying US currency.

It’s not that consumers don’t plan to spend. It’s all that hustle and bustle. Between the crowds and eye-catching attractions, it’s easy to lose your kids, your luggage, and spend all the cash you brought that you were sure would be enough to get you through your day. But even when the cash is running low, your customers’ credit cards are going strong.

While it’s unlikely your small business is based inside one of the major theme parks, it’s may be in a supporting sector. For example, while tourists queue for rides and autographs, they may prefer to eat and sleep off-site where the prices are friendlier. And of course, Orlando has all the same sorts of shops and stores as any other major city to serve its own population.

Help customers feel safe

If you insist on only accepting cash payments, you’re only hurting yourself, because you’re tuning away a lot of potential business. Make it easier on everyone by simply accepting credit cards.

This is easier than it sounds, and it offers lots of advantages.

Security bonus

These POS terminals can be portable electronic keypads, registers with card-swiping extensions, or smartphones apps. Ensure you get hardware that accepts both EMV cards as well as older magnetic stripe cards.

In addition to these payment options, make sure that you get high levels of encryption services that keep your customer data safe.

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