Credit Card Processing for Meat Markets

People have a lot of different attitudes about meat. There are those who make jokes at vegans’ expense, others who believe in not eating meat unless they’ve killed it themself. There are even wry observations about people buying ‘ethical meat grown in supermarkets rather than killing innocent animals’. All that said, for those of us who do enjoy eating meat, it can be helpful to know where it’s coming from.

You’re probably not going to visit the farm, but it can still be eye-opening to see where your meat is processed and packed. That’s a benefit of meat markets. You can get as deep into the process as you like (or not). Some buyers want to go into the freezers and slaughterhouse segments, to see everything for themselves. Others are content to stay on the customer service side, with its pristine white overalls, clear glass meat cases, and spotless tiles.

Meat parade

Aside from freshness and accountability (knowing who’s handling your meat and where it was raised), meat markets offer other benefits. One is variety. Depending on where you shop, you can get every kind of meat in one spot. Turkey, chicken, fish, pork, beef, lamb … if you want it, they have it. And it’s typically carefully separated to avoid cross-contamination.

Second, display. Unlike grocery stores where your meat is branded and packed in cardboard and plastic, your meat market usually gives you clearer, more transparent access to your fresh cuts.  And if you want to buy in bulk, you can access wholesale deals that cut your meat expenditure by as much as half. Of course with all that fresh flesh around, you might not want to be handling coins and notes. Credit cards tend to be cleaner.

Change it up

In some countries, butchers and fishmongers are known to always have change, because they deal with high volumes of customers and small cash denominations. But in the US, most consumers still prefer to pay by card, and that applies to the meat market too. As a salesperson, you’re juggling a lot of (meat) balls. You have to identify the right meat in the right amount.

Your regulars may have a standard order, so you can prepare it as they arrive. Other customers are unsure, so they want your advice on the best type and portion for their meal prep, dinner party, or barbecue event. To pay, they can swipe their cards through your electronic keypad, or initiate card transactions via smartphone payment apps. Signing up with a merchant account that offers both ensures that you can get the option that’s best for you. Some credit card processing services even offer these options for free!

And, of course, you’ll benefit from studies that show that accepting credit cards can increase sales by more than 500%. As academic studies have proven, when people are able to use a credit card, they are much more likely to make a purchase. And when people do use a credit card, they spend a lot more money on each purchase, statistically speaking. So, if you are not accepting credit cards, you can bet that you are losing business to a competitor of yours who does.

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