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Credit Card Processing for Des Moines Businesses

According to a consumer report by JP Morgan Chase, at least 73% of buyers prefer to make payments via credit cards as opposed to paying cash. Another report by Barclays shows that 32% of consumers would rather walk away from a purchase if you don’t handle credit card payments. So, if you are running a business in Des Moines and would want to improve your sales, it is imperative to the success of your company that you accept credit card payments. In addition to boosting your sales, it also promotes business security and customer satisfaction.

In addition to accepting credit cards at your physical store, there are other options to consider.

Mobile credit card processing

Nowadays, it’s possible to turn your smartphone into a credit card processing platform. A payment processor can provide you with a wireless payment processing solution that works with any mobile phone. Such a payment option suits mobile merchants like tax drivers, food vendors, plumbers, and electricians, among others. With mobile credit card processing, it’s easy to improve your cash flow as you can conveniently accept payments for services rendered and goods sold on the go. There is also the benefit of doing away with invoices. Unlike the past, when you had to send a bill and wait for a month or more to process payments, mobile credit card processing is immediate. Thus, it allows you to have steady cash flow, and you can use the money to pay vendors and other expenses like rent and wages promptly. What’s more, there are no more bad checks, and you can receive payment approvals instantly. Who in Des Moines wouldn’t want this kind of payment handling? It’s an incredible payment option for modern businesses.

Internet credit card processing

Your business must handle both manual orders (requests made via phone, mail, or in-person) and online orders (requests made through your website). Generally, you should process all kinds of payments securely regardless of where your customers are. If you select the right payment provider, they will provides you with new solutions for handling both manual and online orders. Through a virtual terminal, for example, you can manage manual orders effectively, and through the shopping cart tool, it’s easy to automate the handling of online orders. The right payment provider will also provide you with the tools you need to automate recurrent billing (this covers subscriptions and regular payment plans).

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