Credit Card Processing for Children’s Clothing Stores

Consider the point of view of a customer at your trendy kids’ wear store.

Typically, they may be busy, tired parents, stressed with managing high-energy youngsters or a demanding baby. After they’ve browsed through your inventory and managed to zero in on something they love, they find themselves at the checkout counter. And then they get the news that you don’t accept card payments!

Let’s take another situation. While paying for their purchases, mom or dad suddenly catches sight of a cute dress or a pair of trendy sneakers that would also look adorable on their little star. It’s available in the right color and size too. Unfortunately, they’re not carrying enough cash for these additional purchases, and you don’t accept card payments!

You probably don’t need to hear this story, because you’ve probably seen it before yourself in the faces of your new customers. What you might not see often is any of those customers returning to your store again. You don’t ever hear about any of the regular customers your competitors have acquired, simply because they accept credit cards and you don’t.

Today, most businesses, whether big or small, offer easy, convenient, secure payment options including accepting credit cards and debit cards. This has changed the way people shop and has had a huge impact on revenues for small businesses in particular. Customers have many more options, which has enabled them to become more demanding,. If they have a less-than-pleasant experience at your store, they are unlikely to return.

How Credit Card Processing Facilities Can Benefit Your Businesses

Ramp up your revenues: Credit card payment options help grow and sustain your business. They keep your business relevant, modern and competitive. Studies show that customers who are able to pay using a credit card or debit card spend more money and also buy more impulsively.

Safe payments: Credit and debit card processing companies offer safe and secure payment gateways. They have in-built security features to reduce or eliminate fraud.

Flexible: Card payments can be made online or in your regular brick and mortar store, no matter where the customer is from. If you have a sale or exhibition at some other location, it’s easy to set up a mobile POS system and earn profits. You can also easily set up different features like sale or discounted prices, and end of season clearances.

Integration: Card payments can be integrated into your main financial system to give you regular reports and information. You can also process customer data and behavior.

The most important aspect is to find the credit card processor that’s right for your business. Shop around till you find the one that’s most in sync with your requirements and preferences. Avoid pushy sales-people who make unrealistic promises and seem to give amazing rates, but don’t tell you about hidden charged. Assess the hardware and software options. Check the risks and security aspects.

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