Credit Card Processing for Businesses in Iowa

Credit card processing for businesses in Iowa is a business practice as essential to those businesses’ growth as advertising. The same small business owners that are reluctant to spend money on advertising are often the same ones that reject processing credit cards. Technology moves on and a resistance to change is understandable when the old way seemed to work fine. If you have been selling, say, your jams and jellies for cash in your local community for twenty years, you may see no need to change. As the population of your community grows and young people replace the old, competition can come in and wipe you out quickly. Most new startups don’t debate whether to accept credit cards; it’s part of their culture. Because they accept credit cards, they’re going to sell their products globally as well as locally with an online presence that allows them to make money while they sleep. Throw in a free t-shirt with each order, and you’ll get a lot of free advertising. From that perspective, a merchant service transaction fee seems insignificant, especially since it can pay for itself many, many times over.

Credit Card Processing Increases Profits

If you sell a quality product or service that people need or want but do not process credit cards as payments you’re not saving money; you’re probably losing money. Consider these statistics:

  • One-third of millennials and one-fourth of adults over 55 normally carry little or no cash. Those who do average $10 to $25 in their pocket. They pay for everything with debit/credit cards including car washes, fast food, vending machines and roller rinks.
  • Consumers often prefer using plastic to pay for
  • their purchases because it allows them to easily track their spending making everything from budgets to income tax returns easier to prepare. Using a phone app they know exactly how much money they have and how much they’ve spent at any given time.
  • Customers who use credit cards instead of cash spend, on average, 50% more at your shop. They’re not necessarily over spending; they just don’t have the cash and checks are not even a consideration.

Easy, Safe and Cost Effective

Choose the number one merchant account provider with a 20-year history for attentive personal service, lowest cost and highest safety standards. They’ll set up your account, provide training and 24/7 free live phone support 365 days a year. Your equipment will depend on whether all your business is face-to-face or if you do business online. Find a processor who provides processing equipment or software at no additional charge and does not charge any application or set up fees. Make sure that you will get a free online shopping cart for your website if you use a virtual terminal and a free search engine service to get you ranked. Also double check that your funds are safely FDIC insured. Make sure that your transactions can be managed online.

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