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Credit Card Processing for Beginners

Credit card processing for beginners is complicated to explain but easy to do once you’ve been taken through the process by one of staff members.

Before You Begin Credit Card Processing

You need to have a legitimate business that provides goods or services to consumers for money.

Corporation or LLC

  • If your business is to be a corporation or an LLC an attorney will prepare articles of incorporation.
  • Apply for an Employer’s Identification Number (EIC) which will be used by the IRS to identify your business on all tax returns, employment records and payroll reports and more.
  • Open a business checking account.

Sole Proprietor:

  • As the only person with ownership rights, you can set up your business as a sole proprietor. It’s much easier because you can use your own social security number as your tax I.D. and your personal checking account.

Get Your Merchant Account So You Can Process Credit Cards

Design and Set -Up Your Website:

  • If yours is an e-commerce business or you want to sell on the internet and from your brick and mortar shop you need a website from which to conduct transactions.

Now You Need a Merchant Account:                                                                                            

  • You will receive your mobile terminal or e-commerce software.
  • account agents will provide clear and concise instructions for using the terminals and software. It’s nothing difficult.

Processing Credit Cards:

  • You are ready to process credit cards. Whether you swipe a customer’s card at the point of sale (POS) or they submit their credit card information in the process of buying through your online website store, the payment information goes to the same place; into our payment gateway.

Our payment gateway is secure and encrypted so the customer’s information is safe. The payment gateway submits the card information to the card holder’s bank or card issuer and if the information matches the transaction is approved. The card issuer or bank transfers the payment amount into your merchant account with

  • It is here that we deduct our service fees. Keep in mind our service fees are the lowest in the business and our company is rated the best in the business by major corporations. Your merchant account is backed by our twenty years of experience in the business and all funds are FDIC insured. We do not charge an application fee or a set-up fee. The fees we charge are tax deductible as a business expense.
  • Now your merchant account transfers the monies you have received as payment, minus fees, into your business or personal checking account.

Sit back and watch your sales increase because you now accept credit cards. You are losing money every day you delay contacting  Let’s get started.

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