Credit Card Processing can make your Flower Shop Bloom

Selling flowers is an interesting way to make a living. On the one hand, you’re practically guaranteed some sales, because there is always someone who messed things up and has to say sorry with soft, sweet-smelling petals. And you can count on at least one forgotten birthday / anniversary almost every day. On the downside, it isn’t always easy to know in advance how many flowers you’ll move. And because they’re highly perishable, you could end up dumping a lot of inventory in the compost.

There are times when quick sales save your life – the multitude of last-minute purchases on Valentine’s Day, for example. Or that grand-gesture moment when someone buys out nearly the entire shop for a marriage proposal or photo shoot. In those instances – or any impulsive purchase – credit card processing is crucial to your business. If the buyer is rushing home or running to the airport, quick, convenient, cashless transactions may often make the difference between fresh flowers and airport chocolate.

Faster payments

There are credit card processors who offer instant verification to customers, so the transaction can be completed in seconds, then they can dash off on their flowery escapade. These payments can be made using an electronic keypad, where customers can swipe or insert their credit card. Or, if you prefer, they can use mobile payment apps on your phone or tablet.

Consider also adding a personal touch to boost business. You could show customers how to do basic flower arrangements, or offer tips and tricks on making their flowers last longer. They’ll likely trust your word as a florist more than the hacks they picked off the Internet.

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