Credit Card Merchant Services Help Jewelry Businesses Shine

Working with jewelry seems like it would be a dazzling occupation, but the old adage rings true: all that glitters is not gold. Most jewelers and jewelry retailers need to have online merchant accounts in order to properly and quickly process payments. However – just like the rarest gems – those accounts can be elusive. The credit card processors that grant them often consider businesses dealing in jewels and precious metals to be high risk clients because of the potential for fraudulent transactions and theft. The processors then usually deny the businesses merchant services, or they will allow them access with a caveat – the businesses cannot have their own online accounts while paying some hefty fees for doing so. The processor can also place holds on a business’s finances whenever they want.

For those in the jewelry trade, the conditions set by many credit card processing companies can be detrimental to their work. For example, the owner of a jewelry store cannot purchase more inventory or pay bills until he/she receives the money for the items that have already sold. If the credit card processor he/she uses places a hold on the store’s merchant account, then the owner cannot access the funds, the display cases sit empty, and the lights may get turned off. If this becomes a frequent occurrence, may lead customers to think that the store is closing and take their business elsewhere. The same is true if the processor charges enormous fees for each transaction. The onerous dues can eat into the store’s profits, and make it difficult for the owner.

Luck is on the jeweler’s side, however – is a diamond in the rough. Unlike other processing companies, they specialize in managing high risk merchant accounts. The application process is completely free, and approval is quick. Businesses can start processing payments within 24-48 hours of obtaining their accounts. also provides the latest in credit card processing technology, software, and 24/7 technical support at no cost to their customers. Best of all, each business is allotted its own merchant account at low, low rates. No more burdensome fees for sharing the processor’s account – bills clients as little as 1.79% for credit card processing and $0.15 per transaction. Other excellent benefits of merchant credit card processing online include:

  • PIN-secured accounts
  • Real-time credit card processing services
  • FDIC Insurance on each account
  • Immediate check verification
  • Instant card transaction approval
  • Domestic and International accounts also available
  • No more third-party holds by processors
  • Available Virtual Terminal technology allows businesses to process payments, send invoices, and keep detailed records without paperwork
  • More market exposure for small, independent businesses

Jewelers and jewelry retailers have almost insurmountable assignments set before them. No wonder – since their jobs are to make other peoples’ dreams come true. No more holds or high fees – that is a dream-come-true for jewelers and store owners, and it is made possible by

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