Credit Card Logos for Your Online Store

Online merchant accounts are an even better investment now than they used to be. With the coronavirus keeping customers inside, there’s more demand for online transactions. As a result, businesses that have no online component may find it difficult to stay in business. And having a successful online store without a credit card merchant account to accept credit cards from your customers is practically impossible.

Even with an online merchant account, not all online stores are as effective as they could be. Read on to learn about the easiest mistake you could be making in your online store that can damage your professionalism and credibility, and which can be fixed effortlessly and almost instantly.

Improving your online store

The way your online store is set up by your online merchant account provider can have a lasting impact on how that store performs. You need to know the subtle ways in which available features can impact your store’s viability.

Online merchant accounts have many features that are included automatically. The simplest thing that to watch for to make your store performs better is something you’ve seen on other stores a hundred times: credit card logos.

Why you need credit card logos on your store

You may have seen them on other sites without knowing what you were looking at: credit card logos for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other accepted forms of payment on that site’s store. These logos serve a double purpose that makes them the easiest performance enhancers you can add to an online store that doesn’t have them already displayed.

Not all online merchant accounts accept the all forms of payment. The first benefit of credit card logos on the site is that they tell customers exactly which payment methods you accept. Customers will be slow to start browsing if they don’t know whether or not you will reject their credit card brand when it’s time to check out.

The benefits to your business’s credibility goes beyond simply informing customers about payment methods. Seeing credit card logos on a store makes customers believe in that store: the credibility it gives you is formed of habit, from seeing those logos on other famous and very well-established stores and getting used to associating them with successful, reputable businesses.

The Takeaway

Credit card logos are an easy addition to any online store that can instantly increase credibility, as well as informing customers about which payment methods they can use. The boost in professionalism is large, but the amount of work it takes to get it is miniscule.

To see how you can get credit card logos on your website or to sign up for a merchant account, visit or call them at (888) 924-2743.

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