COVID-19 and Online Holiday Shopping

COVID-19 impacted many different aspects of our lives. Chief among them for businesses is a rise in online sales, a trend that only increased over the holiday shopping season. It is more important than ever to accept credit cards now if you are a business owner that has been reluctant to do so previously. Missing out on holiday shopping is almost never good for stores, and not having a merchant account will almost certainly impact a business’s ability to succeed this holiday season. Having a merchant account will make processing credit cards online possible. It has never been easier to accept credit cards now, whether online or in stores.

COVID-19 has impacted face-to-face shopping and made it more difficult for businesses to grow. Getting a merchant account can help to prevent this from happening to your business this holiday shopping season. As people gear up for a different holiday season than last year, you can make it easier for customers by being able to accept credit cards now for their shopping needs.

The Importance of a Credit Card Merchant Account

Now more than ever, it is important to have a merchant account so that you can process credit cards quickly and safely. Your customers don’t want to have to deal with slow processing or any other problems while online shopping.

The right merchant account will be easy to use for both your customers and your business. Having the ability to accept credit cards now is a vital part of being able to succeed in business today, especially as more people will be shopping online for their holiday needs.

Don’t allow your business to fall behind this new trend in shopping. With the right credit card merchant account, there is no need for stress or hassle on your end to apply for a merchant account and to get one set up. Just find a credit card merchant account provider ready to work with any business while providing low fees.

The right credit card merchant account provider also does everything possible to ensure the safety and security of processing credit cards on their end. Businesses have a lot to worry about, and this can help remove one source of stress from your list. With the right merchant account provider, your business will be able to accept credit cards now with no worries. 

Getting a Credit Card Merchant Account Set Up

Getting a merchant account should be stress-free. Businesses can apply for an account online by providing just some basic information. Once your business is approved you can begin to accept credit cards now without worry or delay.

To learn more about how COVID-19 has affected holiday shopping or to sign up for a merchant account, visit or call (888) 924-2743. can help your business succeed and grow.

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