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Could a mobile credit card merchant account help you deliver the goods?

The benefits of a mobile credit card processing merchant account are many. The best of them is getting paid at completion of work and knowing the payment is good.

Get paid now with a mobile credit card merchant account

Was it ever okay to delay paying for services for thirty to ninety days? Not according to the most service providers.

For all the delivery companies, tradesmen, domestic workers, landscapers and more, mobile card processing creates an almost instant cash flow. The days of handing the customer an invoice for your work and hoping they will immediately pay it are over. You did the work now, so you deserve payment now. Who among small business owners wants to repeatedly call their customers and ask for their pay?

Technicians sent by business owners to perform a service can now collect payment on site, immediately. The technician or tradesman will not have to handle cash or checks and your office will not have to send invoices out by mail and wait for payment. Give your employees a card reader for their smart phone or tablet. They need only swipe the card for complete payment. In as little as 24 hours, the money will be in your account.

Customers benefit from your mobile credit card merchant account

You know the customer who informs you that they only cut checks twice a month–so get in line. With a wireless mobile card reader and software, you need never talk to them about a payment you’re waiting for, ever again. Tell your customer your tech will collect payment at time of service. Customers will appreciate the payment system because they will not have to deal with bills in the mail and paper checks by return mail, and because they will be able to take a few weeks or longer to settle up with their credit card company.  Mobile credit card processing will simplify their accounting and their payment procedures.

At the time of service or upon completion of a job, your employee in the field has a wireless phone or tablet with a card reader. He or she swipes the payment card and instantly receives approval from the customer’s credit or debit card provider, who then confirms the transaction electronically.

Mobile credit card processing is wireless and painless will set up your mobile credit card processing hardware or software. You and your employees will receive free training in its use. The process is simple, and requires absolutely no technical background. And because funds transfer electronically, your staff can collect payment without risk of liability.

You can easily schedule work because mobile payments help with time management. Workers don’t have to return to the office before moving on to the next appointment.  Their field paperwork will be minimal to none, and yet all transactions will be accurately and automatically recorded. You’ll never again have to worry about lost paperwork.

Call and find out how easy and inexpensive mobile credit card start up is.  When you sing up for an account with you will get:

  • No application fee–unlike merchant accounts from other providers.
  • No charge for setup fees.
  • Free training for your staff.
  • 24 hour a day tech on-call at no additional charge.
  • The best rates in the business.
  • No cancellation fees for virtually all US accounts.

Call at 1-888-924-2743 for further information or visit them on the web at to sign up with the #1 rated merchant account for six years in a row.


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