How to Convert “Window” Shoppers into Buyers

Window shopping isn’t just for malls. These days, we go ‘window shopping’ at online stores, especially if they have software that lets us ‘try on’ our purchases or take a 3D tour. Sometimes, it’s a key step in making a budget. Other times, it’s a distraction in the middle of a work day. How can your business convert site visitors from ‘browse’ to ‘buy’?

  1. Use attractive layouts

When a buyer lands on your page, they might be comparing prices or brainstorming gift ideas. If they’re impressed enough, they may buy on the spot. Consult a professional designer on intuitive customer navigation. You can build your store in a way that guides them to items with a high profit margin. Use clear, well-lit photos that show the item from different angles. Context sells, so show the product being used by a relatable model.

  1. Give helpful pairing options

The best way to sell clothes is to put them on a model or mannequin, and combine them with accessories to create a complete outfit. This way, customers can see how they would look wearing these clothes. The same applies to other items. Are you selling speakers? Pair them with a music player, a popular set of records, or some branded artiste merchandise. Prompt the browser with ‘customers who bought this item also like …’ Lateral navigation is the magic fairy dust of every online store.

  1. Let them save their favorite items

Once your customers have decided on what they like, they’re ready to leave the store. That doesn’t mean they have to leave forever. Give them an option to add their selections to a wish list, or save their cart for a later purchase. If the customer left their contact details, you can prompt them with a reminder that their cart is waiting. You could even offer a limited-time-discount or free gift to encourage them to come back and buy. Say something like ‘Complete your purchase today and get a free …’

  1. Make it easy to pay

Online payments are the primary method for online purchases. Even if your shopper didn’t intend to buy, you can tip them over. Use a good payment processor and prominently list their benefits on your virtual store front.

Offer customers a discount on future purchases. Request their email so that you can send them notifications of similar products. Remember to be transparent when you get their email addresses, otherwise they may think you harvested their details from their purchase transaction. Make it clear their email is for occasional marketing information, and specify exactly what information they will receive, and how often. You don’t want to be blacklisted as spam.

With these simple strategies, you can turn your prospector into a buyer and keep them coming back for more.

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