Computer Repair Services Benefit from Credit Card Processing

If you run your own independent business that provides computer sales or services, then there’s a good chance you’ve already decided that accepting card payments is the way to go. Today, most people find cash inconvenient, unsafe, difficult to carry around, when they have hassle-free alternatives like plastic. Cash is also just about impossible to use over the phone or on the Internet!

Credit and debit cards, new forms of electronic payments like e-wallets and wearable devices have transformed ways of doing business. A 2017 survey reports that nearly 44% of people prefer to pay via debit cards, 33% prefer credit cards and a mere 12% selected cash. Payments at gas stations, supermarkets, and discount stores are almost always card based.

Benefits of Credit Card Processing

Extend your reach: As a computer repairs salesman, you can service more clients if you provide simple, secure and easy payment options like credit or debit cards. With credit cards, you can even accept currencies of different countries, and the payment will automatically be converted for you. Mobile terminals are the perfect solution for computer repairs salesmen.

Provide innovative and responsive solutions: Customers will certainly appreciate it if you respond to their preferences. You could get left behind by your competitors if you fail to acknowledge the changing requirements of your customers. In fields like IT and computers, providing new and innovative payment solutions helps you to stay in touch with the industry.

Swift and secure: You can avoid missed payments or delays in processing checks in banks if you provide card payment options. This means your business gets steady and reliable cash flow.  Customers have confidence that they are making a safe and secure transaction via a reputable card processing company.

Less admin hassles: Credit or debit card transactions give you the advantage of getting a regular statement of accounts from your merchant. This makes it easier to reconcile your accounts instead of dealing with many complicated cash transactions.

Safety: Dealing with and storing cash are unsafe to say the least. It puts your premises and the people working there at risk. When you accept card payments, the bulk of transactions are going to be of this type, reducing the amount of cash dealings.

Validity and Fraud Checking: Customers’ cards are automatically checked to screen cards that have been lost or stolen. Their validity is also confirmed before they are accepted. Availability of credit, or in the case of debit cards, funds in the customer’s account is also checked before payment is accepted.

Choose the Right Credit Card Processing Company

Shop around to find the merchant account credit card processing company that offers everything you need, and also best suits your budget. Read the contract carefully to understand all the terms and conditions.

Find a processor who understands the nature of your business and provides 24×7 genuine support.

For more information on how computer repairs salesmen can benefit from online credit card processing, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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