Clear Vision for Optometrists with Credit Card Processing

Optometrists offering credit card processing have a clear vision for the 16 million people in the U.S. who need–but are not getting–vision care. Now, it’s likely that not all of them are neglecting their visual health because they don’t have the cash for an eye exam and corrective prescription eyeglasses. Some (but not many) may have insurance to cover part of the cost. Others would rather spend their money on an IPhone than and eye exam. But there are indeed many who just can’t come up with the cash all at once. Statistically, the average eye exam is about $100 and the average pair of prescription glasses is about $200. And it’s not unusual to see those costs closer to between $500 and $800 in some cities and suburbs.

Now, you won’t get all sixteen million of those potential customers to make an appointment with you when you start offering the option to pay by credit card, but there’s a good chance that you’ll be treating some of them. Increasing your patient base means making more money and helping more people.

Optometrists Accepting Credit Cards have a Clear Vision of Their Own Financial Health

Johny’s teacher calls and says that Johnny is having trouble seeing the board. Good parents that they are, Johnny’s Mom and Dad hustle him to your office with the expectation that you will fix this, and that’s exactly what you do. Your office assistant has the sign explaining that payment is due at the time of service in clear view. And yet, they ask you if could wait for your money. If they asked that question at the iPhone store . . . well, they wouldn’t do that would they? So why do they think you should wait? Are they using your compassion against you? Maybe. But maybe they really don’t have the cash. When your office accepts credit cards as payment, you don’t have to worry or care why they don’t have the money to pay. They can pay you with a credit card so you can cover your overhead and expenses and then they can make the payments to their credit card company in whatever size installments suits them.

Patients Need Optometrists with a Clear Vision for Credit Card Processing

If you don’t accept credit cards as payment for your Optometrist services then you are probably taking some personal checks. Most will clear the bank and wind up in your account in about a week or so. And some bounce have to be resubmitted, which costs you money. Others bounce out of the park, and you never see the money. It’s very difficult to manage your own finances and project what your profits, if any, will be when you don’t know if or when you’ll be paid. But it’s easy to calculate that you are not saving any money by not accepting credit cards for payments.

You’ll find Merchant Fees vary so shop for the best rate and look for a low-price guarantee. Patients need optometrists that accept credit cards for payment so they can manage their own vision health. Those patients could be yours. For more information about credit card processing for Optometrists, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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