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Choosing the Right Merchant Processing Company

Every business choice you make affects your bottom line, but the two keenest ones are selling more and spending less. These are the bedrock of successful trade in any industry. Ideally, you want to cut costs without reducing quality. One of the ways you can do this is through your chosen payment option. You want to pick the bank with the best services at the lowest rates (and a good credit line). The same principle applies to your payment gateway.

High security

Your payment gateway or merchant processing company is the intermediary that facilitates payment from your customers to you. Some payment gateways are multifaceted – they can accept customer payments by credit card, debit card, eCheck, or ACH, all on the same platform. If you can, find one of these. But, regardless, it’s important to prioritize security over versatility. Make sure your customers’ card data is secure. Your ultimate deal-breaker should be security.

Low cost

That said, cost does matter, and you don’t have to overshoot your budget. Take your time and shop around to see where you can cut costs without compromising on value. Once you’re sure your payment processor has top-notch encryption standards, look at their rates. Find out if they have free add-ons like shopping carts, card readers, or mobile apps.

Quick turnaround

When a client is paying, they want the transaction to go through as quickly as possible, before they start to panic. For your part as a business, speed has multiple benefits, and it cuts down or eliminates the window for data interception. Look for a merchant processing company that verifies customer transactions immediately, and puts their cash in your account within 72 hours.

Extra support

Apart from free products and services, you could check if your payment processor is willing to back you in other ways. How good is their customer care? You’ll need quick, calm help when your panicky customer demands a refund or initiates a chargeback. Will they give you a chance even if you have no credit history or a bad credit score? Do they stand with you in transaction disputes with your customers? Find a payment processor whose mission, vision, and business model keeps them solidly on your team.

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