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Choosing a Payment Gateway

Your merchant account provider will usually provide a payment gateway for you as part of your merchant account.  But many merchant account providers will allow you to switch to a different payment gateway if you have special needs, or if you would just prefer a different one.  Here are a few recommendations to keep in mind when comparing payment gateway options.

  1. Your payment gateway should accept all major payment types

There is no point in setting up a payment gateway only to lose sales when customers can’t pay because their credit card is not accepted by the gateway. The ideal payment gateway should accept as many forms of payment as possible.

  1. Your payment gateway should be secure

The key to success when offering online payment facilities is security. The best payment gateway should therefore offer the best security measures, for both your business and your customers. PCI compliance is the first sign of a secure payment gateway, as it shows that it has a security system that has been approved by a third party according to industry standards.

  1. Your payment gateway should have an attractive fee structure

Every payment gateway solution has its own payment structure. Some may ask for a one-time setup fee. Some may require monthly maintenance fees. When looking for a payment gateway, it is important to ask how you will be charged, how often and how much. The right payment gateway fee structure should suit your business’s budget and financial structure.

  1. Your payment gateway should make accepting payments more convenient

Adding a new avenue for accepting payments might sound like more work, but the right payment gateway will do this work for you. Quick payment turnarounds, chargeback capabilities and support, and 24/7 support for you and your customers are all features of a reliable payment gateway.

  1. Your payment gateway should be easily integrated into your business

The payment gateway that you choose should be quickly and easily integrated into your business website according to your needs. If you already have an e-commerce site or shopping cart features, these features need to align with the payment gateway for smooth transactions.  For this reason, you may want to consider sticking with the gateway provided for you by your payment provider by default, since they will be better able to assist you with setup if you are using their standard payment gateway.

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