Choose the Right Payment Processing Solution for Your Office Furniture Business

There are certain things in life we don’t give much thought to, but we’d be lost without them. Office furniture is a good example. At home, we recognize the sofa makes an impression on guests. And we put extra effort into buying one, because we know if we say the wrong thing (or have too many in-laws over at once), we may have to sleep on it!

What some people don’t realize is that office furniture is just as crucial, if not moreso. We might not regularly sleep on it – at least not on purpose – but it does influence office guest perceptions. It shows customers our level of style and professionalism. And it reflects our level of commitment to our business.

Bit by bit

As a furniture business, you’re already familiar with all these concepts, and you can find just the right fit for any price point. You could just as easily furnish an abstract art studio as a formal attorneys’ office. The issue comes with payment. Smaller customers and thrift shoppers may want to pay cash for a $20 lava lamp. And attorneys may issue a post-dated check – after which you might need to hire your own attorney before you can cash it!

This is where payment processing solutions can help. If you get the right merchant account, you can process checks, cash, and bank-to-bank payment orders all on one platform. Even better, you can receive credit card payments, whether it’s weekly installments of a dollar or a one-time transaction of thousands.

Swift and convenient

Furniture generally requires delivery, and is often quite bulky. So your crew will have to wrap up sharp edges, ensure all the parts are included in the assembly pack, and possibly help customers put it together. They’ll have to verify each piece to ensure it wasn’t damaged when the customer received it, and they have to count each unit by hand. After all that drama, they have to ensure they didn’t accidentally pack their electronic keypad in one of those boxes! Once they find it, they have to wait for the right person to sign or the package. (Hopefully, said person is still in the office).

You can avoid this drama by signing up with merchant processors who have mobile payment apps. Payment can be initiated on the customer’s phone, so no keypads, swipers, or signed receipts needed. There’s a digital trail, and optional confirmation via app or email, so even if the boss can’t sign, its fine.

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