How to Choose the Right Credit Card Terminal

As a business, you have four main ways to accept credit card payments:

  • Swipe slots attached to your cashier’s till
  • Portable electronic keypads
  • Mobile phone software
  • Payment portals on your website

Depending on the kind of business you run, you can pick and choose, or you can simply sign up for all of them. But how do you decide which way you should go? To give yourself the option, start by opening the right merchant account. Double check to be sure your payment processor offers all four payment methods on their portal. That way, it’s all in one place.

Consider the type of business you’re running

If you’re in the service industry, that personalised touch can go a long way in increasing sales. Rather than making your customers go to the till, hire friendly servers and arm them with portable card readers so they can bill customers right at their seats. This can also be helpful at exclusive shop fronts that offer couture service.

Businesses where teams move around a lot, such as delivery services or blue collar industries can benefit from portable payments too. Since they travel to customer sites with gear and packages, they need devices that let them receive cash on delivery. Portable keypads are helpful, but mobile payments are better, because they’re faster and less cumbersome.

Make it easier for your customers

On the other hand, if your business is strictly online, like an Etsy shop, web design, remote work, or online content provision, then you don’t need physical card readers. You can simply integrate a payment portal onto your website and encrypt it for customer protection.

In general, card payment is easier for customers because it eases the purchase decision and allows customers to buy what they love even when they don’t have actual cash. They can use their card to enjoy their purchase now and pay for it later. Cards also save them the hassle of hunting for change, or carrying around bulky coins.

Consult your budget

Cards can help your customers keep track of their expenses, since everything is carefully recorded on their card statements, but cards can help your sales budget as well. Once you’ve settled on the services that you’d like as a seller, shop around for the right payment processor. Find one that fits within your budget and gives you good value for money.

In addition to available card processing options, check if the merchant processor has free services bundled into their package. Some processors will offer low transaction rates, or even a free application. Other bonuses to look out for include free mobile card readers, free electronic keypads, and free programming.

You get what you pay for, so make sure the generous price doesn’t compromise customer safety. Check security credentials, customer testimonials, encryption levels, industry compliance, and access to tech support.

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