Chocolatiers Keep it Sweet with Credit Card Processing

Chocolate has a special attraction that’s unmatched by any other kind of sweet. Whether it is milk or dark, gourmet or a regular candy bar, chocolate appeals to people of virtually any age, place, or socio-economic status.

Chocolatiers who have just launched their business and established ones looking to expand their reach and client base can benefit hugely from accepting credit card payments. Getting a sweet deal is top priority when you’re looking for the right credit card processing company to partner with you in your confectionery business.

Candy Store Checklist

The US is the world’s largest chocolate market by revenue, pegged to be valued at $30 billion by 2021. Though demand remains constant through the year, nearly 65% of revenues came from seasonal and packaged sales.

While sales currently seem to be on the decline for traditional candy, with Americans seeking to reduce sugar in their diet, the industry is in the process of exploring reduced sugar, artisanal, and dark chocolates to be more consistent the healthy eating trend. The market continually witnesses an increased influx of new suppliers, creative innovations, and a steady stream of new products. It represents an accessible luxury that offers a range of manufacturing and retail options, from the snack bar segment right up to premium products.

If you plan to make your mark on this sector, It’s crucial to stay ahead of the competition. Many chocolatiers also offer a range of other merchandise like flowers, jewelry, soft toys, and cakes that can be delivered on special occasions along with their signature line of chocolates.

Also, nearly 30% of customers have bought chocolate online. It’s important to give customers the right payment options so that you can grow your business and build a robust brand.

Benefits of Accepting Card Payments

You can accept card payments in-store if you have a retail outlet. If you also retail online, you need to set up an online secure payment gateway system. You can use the same merchant account that you use for your in-store transactions.

To succeed it’s important to ensure that you provide flexible options like mobile payments. Statistics show that nearly 55 million people in the US used mobile payments in 2018 and the numbers have been increasing every year.

Chocolatiers who offer card payment solutions provide benefits for both clients and themselves that include:

  • Easy, fast and safe payment options
  • Convenient payment routes especially for impulse and last-moment purchases
  • Fewer security risks for customers and business-owners
  • Less need for shoppers to carry cash or for you to store it on your premises
  • Flexible options for both POS and e-commerce sales
  • a richer and more memorable shopping experience for your customers
  • Keeps your business competitive and relevant
  • Enhances trust and validity by association with a trusted card company
  • Convenient accounting, reporting and reconciliation

For more information on how chocolatiers can accept credit card payments, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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