Can You Get a Merchant Account With Bad Credit?

A history of bad credit can follow someone around for years. It can be very difficult to get rid of the impact that having bad credit can leave on someone’s financial life. There are many ways to improve your credit score, but it can take a while for the improvements to show.

One of the reasons that business owners, in particular, want to improve their credit scores is to be able to qualify for better loans and to make it easier to get access to internet merchant services. Some business owners with a history of bad credit may hesitate even to apply for a merchant account because they fear being denied or not having access the best services available.

Having bad credit does impact your life, but it doesn’t have to follow you forever. When choosing the wrong merchant account provider, bad credit can be one of the main reasons that people get denied a merchant account. It doesn’t have to be that way for you though. It is possible to get a bad credit merchant account that works for your business.

There is a place that is willing to work with business owners with a history of bad credit and provide bad credit merchant accounts. This place will also work with business owners to make sure that business needs are being met and that businesses can grow in the ways that work for them.

Bad Credit and Merchant Accounts

Getting a bad credit merchant account is the first step for many business owners toward achieving their business goals. It shows that a merchant account provider is willing to work with them and help them on the road to business success. The right internet merchant service providers will understand that there is no one road to achieving business goals and be ready to work with business owners of all kinds and backgrounds.

Finding the best internet merchant service provider can seem difficult when you have a history of bad credit. Many providers will be more unwilling to work with you and your business. It may seem like your business goals will never be realized.

There is an internet merchant service provider that will work with business owners, no matter the background. This place will provide bad credit merchant accounts and work with business owners to ensure that they have the chance to grow. Success has many paths and the right merchant account service provider will understand that.


Getting a bad credit merchant account can be more difficult than getting a good credit account with the wrong internet merchant service provider. The right merchant account provider will be willing to work with your business as your needs change as your business grows. No business should be limited by bad credit.

To find out more about bad credit merchant accounts or to sign up for a merchant account, visit or call (888)924-2743. can help your business grow and succeed.

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