Can You Accept Credit Cards Online for Free?

When a business chooses to accept credit cards online, they have to make some very important decisions about that process. One of those decisions is whether or not to charge customers a fee for using their credit card. Many customers do not like these fees, but it can be hard for small businesses to avoid them.

Some internet merchant account providers can charge high costs to businesses, which can be difficult for small businesses to absorb. Since large companies can choose to not charge extra for using credit cards, your small business should be able to as well. Being able to accept credit cards online for free is not a luxury for large businesses. 

Affordable internet merchant account services make it easy for businesses to accept credit cards online without raising prices or charging any additional fees to customers. With low rates and fees, you can pass the savings on to your customers, making the use of a credit card free for the customer.

Easy to Use Service

With the right merchant account provider, internet merchant account services are easy for any business to integrate into their already existing services. The latest equipment and software are easy to set up and a good customer service team can address any problems you may have. Once your account is set up, your business will be ready to accept credit cards online.

Of course, there are other considerations besides affordable services. Processing security and speeds are also important. With the right internet merchant account service, your customers will know that their information is safe, and your business will be able to get the payment in your account in just a few days.

Being able to accept credit cards online at the lowest cost anywhere shouldn’t be a difficult choice. When you select a merchant account provider that offers Low Cost Assurance, your business will not have to choose between cost and high-quality service. With the right merchant account provider, it is possible to have both.

How to Get an Internet Merchant Account

Being able to accept credit cards online is easy. A merchant account application is available online and can be filled out in minutes by just supplying some basic information about your business.

Once you get a quote and choose to start to use the services, it is easy to accept credit cards online. Customers will come back knowing that they will not be charged extra for using their credit cards.

To find out more about accepting credit cards online or to sign up for an internet merchant account, you can visit or call (888) 924-2743. can help your business succeed and grow.

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