Can I Use my iPad as a Credit Card Machine?

Thanks to our dizzying pace of technological advancement, iPads have become a cost-effective, safe and fast way of processing credit card payments. We’ve certainly come a long way since the cash register, and while iPads are not used by all merchants as a point-of-sale system, they are particularly popular with startups.

The benefits of using an iPad as a POS system

One of the main advantages of having the iPad as a point-of-sale (POS) system is the ability to integrate it with other digital tools. The iPad collects data with each transaction, making it very easy to track inventory, create and manage loyalty programs, create direct ordering programs and manage shipping. You will also be able to collect emails in-store from your customers via electronic receipts. This allows you to use email marketing initiatives to boost sales and re-engage customers, even if you have a brick and mortar store. On top of that, all of the data you collect day in and day out can be used to generate highly personalized marketing offers for your clients.

iPads have both online and offline functionality. When the network connection is lost, the iPad is still able to log transactions. This will allow you to carry on with business as usual, until the connection is restored, at which point, the software syncs with the cloud automatically and all data is transmitted.

On the economical side of things, using an iPad may be cheaper than investing in a traditional POS system. This is especially true if you’re willing to use your personal iPad, instead of investing in a new one. All in all, an iPad, a credit card reader, and a cash register will set you back at least several hundred dollars, if not more. The software on the iPad is updated automatically and regularly, allowing you to take advantage of new features and improvements as they come out. In terms of security, the iPad should never store any credit card information on the device, and you also have the option of setting up timed locks and passwords.

Using tablets as part of your POS system

Most people are already fairly familiar with the iPad, but if you are not, a merchant service provider will help guide you through the process of setting everything up and using the system. You can also choose to go with an Android tablet if you prefer the brand, or if you already own one. An Android tablet is often cheaper than the iPad, and it is a more open platform (which can be both a blessing and curse, since it opens the door to some security issues). Clover is also worth mentioning here, since it is a specialized tablet for POS systems. These tablets are better customized for the job, and they typically offer more security.

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