Can Businesses Process Credit Cards Online for Free?

As a business with high volume payment processing, trying to figure out whether it is possible to process credit cards online for free may be at the top of the to-do list. Given the high fees charged by some credit card processors, accepting credit cards online for free could save a sizable chunk of change for a high-volume business.

Unfortunately, no service can process credit cards for free. Merchant account providers are businesses too, and it costs them money every time your business processes a charge. These businesses must recoup this expense somehow, or they will not be able to stay in business and continue to offer merchant services. This is why choosing a merchant account provider that offers services with low transaction fees on each purchase is a must for any business that expects to deal with high volume payment processing.

How to Lower Fees

The key to lowering transaction fees for high volume payment processing is selecting the right merchant account providers. They won’t process credit cards online for free, but they offer services that make transactions easier and more cost-efficient. Accepting credit cards online with such a merchant account offers affordable options for efficient transactions with lower fees.

These accounts provide online payment methods for diverse eCommerce options, as well as mobile and one-click card payments from computers, phones, and other mobile devices. Merchant accounts online are an essential component to any business with an online component.

The Takeaway

Many businesses with high volume payment processing may be wondering how to process credit cards online for free. However, transaction fees are ultimately inescapable. Merchant accounts online, if selected carefully, can allow businesses to process credit and debit cards as well as other forms of eCommerce at affordable rates.

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