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Can a Business Accept Credit Cards on a Cell Phone?

As new technology develops, taking advantage of them can make the difference between success or failure for a business. Cell phones are a constant source of technology growth and change. Almost every adult has a cell phone with them at all times, and these devices can help business owners accept and process credit card payments anytime and anywhere.

As the number of people carrying cash on them shrinks, internet merchant services can expand the reach of businesses. Your business can accept credit cards on a cell phone to ensure that your business never has to turn away customers because they want to pay using their credit card. With the right merchant account provider, every payment processed on a cell phone will be secure and fast.

Whether your business accepts credit cards on a cell phone only rarely or all the time, it can help your business grow as customers know they can pay the way they want to. As your business grows, you can decide on new ways of accepting payment that will be integrated into the internet merchant services you have.

Cell Phone Processing

Processing credit card payments made on a cell phone can be secure and quick, for both businesses and customers. Whether a customer pays with a credit card while using their cell phone or your business accepts a credit card on a cell phone, the payment will be processed with the same speed and complete security as other payments.

When using a credit card, sensitive information is transmitted. Internet merchant services will protect this information with every purchase to protect customers and businesses. When a business accepts a credit card on a cell phone, this information will remain safe with every transaction.

Payments will also be processed quickly. Everyone knows that the transaction was accurate and successful in real-time, and there will be no need to wait around to find out the results of the transaction. Businesses and customers don’t have to worry about a payment attempt being declined later.

Business Growth

When a business can accept a credit card on a cell phone, it can help their business grow. By accepting credit cards from anywhere, studies show that customers are statistically more likely to spend more money, which can increase the income and cash flow of a business. This money can be used to help expand your business to reach new customers.

Internet merchant services can be used in different ways to help a business grow. Merchant accounts can be used to process credit card payments online, in person, or over the phone, as a business grows to include making sales using any of those methods.


When a business can accept a credit card on a cell phone, they are giving themselves more opportunities to accept payments. The secure and quick processing from internet merchant services can help keep customers satisfied with every payment. It can also help businesses grow and accept credit cards in different ways.

To learn more about how to accept a credit card on a cell phone or to sign up for a merchant account, you can visit or call (888)924-2743. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, can help your business grow and succeed.

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