Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards at your Glazing Shop

There are many benefits of accepting credit cards at your glazing shop. There are also many issues to be on the lookout to watch out for. For example, some merchant service providers may not accept your business if they don’t fancy your particular business model or you have a poor credit rating. Another indication that should warn you off is application fees, which can sometimes be hundreds of dollars. After you pay the money, they don’t have to accept you or return your application fee. Some companies will expect you to pay for using their equipment and software. When you do begin to accept credit cards as payments, all merchant account providers charge a fee for each transaction. Some charge more than the average. Avoid those kinds of merchant account providers when you start accepting credit cards at your glazing shop.

Benefits of our merchant account services

If you choose the right merchant account provider, there will be no fees for your application, equipment, or software, training or technical support. Transaction fees can be as low as .025. Your glazing business will attract a much larger percentage of the potential customers because most prefer to pay by credit card. Your cash flow will be more secure, because once you swipe a customer’s credit card, you know instantly whether that customer is good for the money. That money will be in your account within one to three days. On the other hand, a check could bounce and you would not know it for a week to ten days. Even if the check is good it can take that long to clear. If you are like most businesses, you can use your money now, because you have equipment and materials to buy, employees to compensate, and rent and other bills to pay.

Easy to use

One of the greatest benefits of accepting credit cards at your glazing shop is that you are not tied to the terminal in the physical shop. Your employees can use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to accept payment at the job site or anywhere else. They can also generate an emailed receipt or print one out on site. Let your customers know ahead of time that’s how you expect payment, and you’ll see how much they consider it a great convenience. Nobody has to prepare and mail out invoices after the job is complete. And you don’t have to wait for your invoice to make it to the top of their bill paying pile. You get paid right away instead of waiting until the customer decides to pay you.

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