Assuring Customers Their Credit Card Information is Safe

When it comes to online shopping, a lot of people’s main concern is security. Can we really trust that our credit card details are safe after we enter them online? While there are folk who are terrified of entering personal information onto the web, there are also people who will share all their details, unaware of the risks. As a merchant, it is your responsibility to assure both these kinds of people that it is safe to use your credit card facilities, in addition to ensuring that it actually is.

How to show your customers what you’re doing to make their information secure

Here are some methods to boost your customers’ trust in your security measures.

  • look professional

First impressions do count, and an unprofessional or sketchy looking website is sure to turn customers away. To gain a customer’s trust, and ultimately their purchase, you need to impress upon them that your company is safe and reliable. A well-designed, professional looking website helps you achieve this. Other factors involved in expressing trustworthiness include reducing or eliminating pop-ups on your site, and not redirecting users to other sites.

  • display your security seals

Add security logos and site seals to your website in noticeably visible locations, such as your home page and checkout page. Some Other examples of trust marks include the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or antivirus software like Avast or McAfee. You can also get an SSL certificate for your web page so that you get an “https” URL (with an “s” at the end), to help assure your customers that your site is safe.

  • include information about security and privacy concerns

If a potential customer wants to know more about your security levels, that information should be readily available on your site. You can include this information in any way you prefer, including banner headings, FAQ sections, or a separate informational page or section. Information that clients are likely to want includes your privacy policies, money-back guarantees, return policies, shipping fees, and how your payment processing works or what third-party processor you use.

  • use multiple authentication levels

You can boost the security of your payments by providing strong authentication processes to verify system users. Customers that have to use multiple layers of verification during a transaction are reassured that every step is being taken to protect their information. If a customer has to log in to use your site, ask them to confirm their login details before making a purchase too. If a transaction is abandoned, use an emailing system to remind them and then also require that they confirm their details when they get back to your site before continuing. Your customer will feel secure in their transactions with you, and your data will be more secure.

Remind your customers that you care

You can never do too much to convince your website visitors that you are trustworthy. You need to continually reassure them that you place a great deal of importance on data security and protecting their personal details. Use these methods throughout their customer experience on your site, and not just when you are asking for credit card details. For more information about how you can reassure your customers that their credit card details are safe, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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