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Are You Ready To Accept Payments Online?

The average consumer uses at least three different payment methods, according to a recent study. It is important for merchants to offer a variety of payment options for their customers, including online payments. Multiple billing and payment methods improves customer experience and increases satisfaction. Additionally, merchants can benefit from multiple payment options as this can reduce the time it takes for payments to be processed and transferred to their accounts, improving money flow and efficiency.

Four ways to accept payments online

With modern technological advancements driving the card processing industry, merchants now have a wider range of options when choosing how to accept payments both in-store and online. Here are some of the best ways to accept payments online.

  1. Accept credit and debit cards online

The easiest way to accept online payments is by allowing your customers to pay with their credit and debit card on your website. To do this you can choose to sign up for a merchant account. Over 75% of consumers prefer to pay with debit or credit cards, making this payment option a smart choice for practically any business.

  1. Accept eChecks through ACH processing

eChecks, or electronic checks, allow your customer to enter the information from their paper check (routing and account number, name, amount and authorization) online or over the phone. This method allows businesses to process the payment electronically without the presence of a paper check, resulting in a direct debit of the customer’s bank account. eChecks are a much more convenient option than paper checks.

  1. Accept mobile payments

Mobile payments are essential for businesses that do business on the road. This is an ideal solution for businesses that work at trade shows or come out to their customers’ locations, such as plumbers, electricians, and other contractors.  This allows customers to pay through the business’s online connection from anywhere that the Internet can be accessed on a mobile device.

  1. Provide an online payment gateway

You can further facilitate customers wishing to pay online by adding a payment form to your website. A simple payment form allows customers to pay directly on your website, without needing to redirect them to a third party payment site. Repeat customers can also create accounts that save their payment information, making it faster and easier for them to return for more purchases. Online payment forms allow you to accept online credit card, debit card and eCheck payments.

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