Are There Free Online Merchant Accounts?

When looking for an internet merchant account, there are several factors that any business will need to consider. A merchant account will have to be secure and be capable of processing payments quickly. If a business could have a free online merchant account, that could also help businesses grow.

With many internet merchant accounts, a business will need to charge customers a surcharge when customers use their credit cards. With online shopping on the rise, it’s wise for business owners to consider how to pass savings on to the customer. One of the ways that a business can do that is to get a free merchant account.

A free merchant account would allow a business to process credit card payments without high costs that the business would be forced to pass on to the customers. This can increase customer satisfaction, because customers will not be surprised by unwanted additional charges. A business can also get an internet merchant account at very low prices while still being effective at processing credit card payments.

Affordable and Effective Processing

For many businesses, a free or low-cost service might mean sacrificing quality in some ways. With the right internet merchant account, you will not have to choose between high-quality processing and affordable services. After all, a free online merchant account wouldn’t really be free at all if you have to pay for it by sacrificing speed, security, or accuracy.

With an internet merchant account, businesses are advised to look for a service that provides fast processing no matter where or how the purchase is made. This quick processing will make it easier for a business to move to the next customer.

Rapid processing must also be secure. When looking for an internet merchant account, a business can harm its reputation if it doesn’t find services that can process payments securely. Customers who use their credit cards want to trust that their information will be safe. All of these services should be available with a free online merchant account, or else it isn’t really “free.”

Customer Satisfaction

Having a free merchant online account could also help increase customer satisfaction. Not only would your business have high-quality services that will make customers happy, but customers also will not be surprised by surcharges because the business was forced to pass costs onto its customers.

With some internet merchant accounts, businesses feel compelled to add additional surcharges when customers use a credit card. Naturally, many customers find this annoying, and it’s doubtful that any customer wants to be surprised by added charges. With services from a free online merchant account, a business could pass those savings to its customers.

Merchant services can help a business grow. Customers can know that their purchases will be processed quickly and accurately while remaining secure. Customers can also rest assured that they will not be surprised by any additional surprises.


Having a free online merchant account could help a business grow. A merchant account is necessary for businesses to process credit card payments. These services should be fast, secure, and accurate or else the cost of them will be very dear indeed. High-quality services are available for free or at a low-cost, with savings that a business can pass on to customers, so that the customers have to pay only for the products or services they buy.

To learn more about whether there are free online merchant accounts or to sign up for a merchant account, you can visit or call (888)924-2743. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, can help your business grow and succeed.

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