Are E-Check Services Safe?

E-Check services can be used for many different kinds of payments. Often, people may use e-check without realizing it. When making rent payments, for example, many people use an e-check to pay automatically. When accepting e-checks for your business, you will naturally want to be sure that any e-check payments you receive will be safe.

Many business owners who receive payment by e-check may wonder “is e-check safe?” With large payments coming through from different accounts it is important to know that the e-check services you use will ensure all the payments are transferred safely.

The right e-check payment processor will answer the question, “is e-check safe?” with a resounding yes. They will make sure that all payments processed through e-check are at least as safe as a paper check or a credit card payment. Whether the payment is processed over the phone or if the customer pays online, their security should be sound.

E-Checks are also an excellent option for businesses that may have some difficulty accepting payments by credit card. Businesses that work in hotel reservations, travel services, or video streaming, for example, can typically be approved for e-check services, even if they’ve been turned down before for a credit card merchant account. Many businesses rely on e-check to succeed, and your business success should not be restricted.

E-Check Security

Besides wanting to know is e-check safe, business owners also want to know if the payment will be processed quickly. E-Check payments typically take the same amount of time to clear as a paper check. That often means that e-check payments will be received more quickly, since the bank begins to process them immediately, without the need for a trip to the bank to make a deposit later in the day or even later than that.

E-checks are available for all legal businesses. No matter the kind of business that you operate, if you wish to process e-checks, there is no reason not to sign up for an account. Your business growth no longer needs to be limited by not having the ability to accept payments online or over the phone.

Signing Up for E-Check Services

If you are done asking yourself is e-check safe and are ready to find out how safe it is, then you can sign up for e-check services online.

For more information about e-check services or to sign up for a merchant account, you can visit or call (888) 924-2743. can help your business succeed and grow.

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