Affordable Credit Card Processing for Companies in Atlanta

Atlanta flawlessly represents both hip hop and southern-ness, with superstar breakouts ranging from John Mayer to Luda. This makes it a fascinating place to live, and an immense business-scape for the savvy. (World’s biggest drive-thru anyone?)

Atlanta was originally the end of the (state rail-)road, but now it’s a bustling hub for industry and culture. From globally acclaimed record labels to the world’s busiest airport and transport hub, Atlanta is a city swimming in opportunities for prosperity. The thing about towns like Atlanta is our outlook. It’s a space where anyone can make it, and that’s fertile ground for the enterprising spirit. Yes, there’s the signed artist, but there’s also the rap battle star.

Built for business

There’s the acclaimed pilot, the seasoned chauffeur, and the ‘driven’ Uber or Lyft pro (pun intended). And when you’re still exploring the beginning stages of your business, you need an affordable way to line up your books. Credit card processing can do that in several ways. One, if you find the right merchant processor, then by making the choice to make and receive payments by card, your credit card statement has perfect records, which helps with your bookkeeping.

Some credit card processors take check, and ACH payments, so you can access records of those transactions too. And if your merchant account comes with a free mobile payment app, you can scroll through your financials as easily as your social media feed. This is a helpful business tool because at any one time, you can manage cash flow and review how your business is really doing. It’s generally a more accurate metric than sales numbers and customer counts.

High-low cash-flow

Because we recognize that Atlanta business-people range from billionaires to buskers, accepting credit cards can cut across the board. You can quickly send a payment to your favorite street musician. And if you’re the musician yourself, accepting digital donations from your fans is a far more elegant method than a tip jar or a hat. Safer too, because it’s easier for a thug to snatch your bowl than your bank account. 

If your credit card income is on the smaller side, on-boarding and processing fees may worry you. Fortunately, many good merchant processors will accept application at no cost, throw in free POS equipment (apps and keypads), and charge low fees per transaction. And credit card payments are faster, more elegant (and greener) than checks. Plus, many high-end customers use their limitless cards as status signifiers (Platinum Black). So they’ll be glad you’re letting them use their cards, and it’s better for business too. So whether you’re into southern hospitality or urban music menagerie, get that merchant account.

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