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Aestheticians Can Grow Their Income by Accepting Credit Cards

Since the dawn of civilization, men and women have been fighting to prevent time, the elements, and stress from ravaging their skin. The skin is the largest organ on the human body, and definitely the most visible, so that war will probably never wane. With the advent of cosmetology – that is, the study of beauty and beauty treatment applications – the human race has gained some allies in its struggle to prevent premature aging. Aestheticians are those professionals dedicated to cleaning and treating the skin for all kinds of minor ailments and signs of advanced aging. Their work is very clinical and highly sought-after, and many are employed by beauty spas and salons, while there are a few that provide services at medical clinics. Some aestheticians are mobile these days, as well. They can bring the spa and their services to wherever their clients may be.

Aestheticians can perform a wide variety of treatments that many people are too scared, inexperienced, or even too grossed out to do. They not only clean the skin with washes and peels, they can tone it and prevent pores from swelling open. They have several non-permanent methods for removing unsightly body hair, including plucking, threading, scrubbing it off using a method known as sugaring, and ripping it out with freshly melted wax. For clients who wish to have hair permanently removed from their skin, aestheticians can employ some more concentrated methods, like using intense pulsed light. Aestheticians are also tasked with monitoring their customers’ skin hydration levels, and adjusting them using various masks, lotions, potions, and ointments. This part of facial skin care is very important, and if an aesthetician uses the wrong skin care product at the wrong time – the results could be less than pretty.

For the self-employed aesthetician who operates their own spa, another ugly reality raises its head – how to find a payment processor that will allow them to take credit cards in person and over the phone or online, give them a fast turnaround on their credit card payment processing, provide them with credit card terminals and software, but not nickel-and-dime for every penny. This may seem like an impossible feat, but it is actually easier than scrubbing real feet. All enquiring aestheticians can visit to view their award winning list of products and services, including wireless/mobile credit card processing, and virtual terminals that allow clients to book appointments and pay online or over the telephone. Use of these terminals and the software to operate them is available to all customers at no extra cost. can also provide its clients with the fastest credit card processing in the industry. Merchants typically see credit card payments turn up as cash in their accounts in a day or two, not a week or two. levies no fees for applying or setup, and transaction fees can be as low as $0.15. Aestheticians will never see terms this good from the competition.

For more information on how aestheticians can benefit from accepting credit cards, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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