Accepting Credit Cards Make it Easier for Your Customers

Customers can buy your goods or pay for your services using cash, checks, credits cards, bank transfers, or mobile payment systems. Of all those options, the credit card is still the most popular. It’s convenient and is less bulky than coins or paper currency. It also offers additional benefits to customers, which is another reason why they prefer it. Here are just a few of the ways that credit card payments make life easier for your customers.

They can buy now and pay later

This is the “credit” in “credit cards.”  If a customer pays off their balance in full every month, then credit cards let them take out a zero-interest loan for up to two months, depending upon where they are in their billing cycle.  It also lets them take out a typically very high-interest loan if they want to slowly pay off their balance over a longer time-frame.  Even at a high-interest rate, taking out this kind of loan can make a lot of sense for a consumer and isn’t necessarily irresponsible.  Just as an example, a consumer might use a credit card to buy professional clothing to wear to job interviews, and then pay off their credit card balance after they get a job.

They can make last-minute purchases

We always seem to learn about sales and promotional offers when they’re just about to end. And of course there are those crucial moments when we forget a birthday or special occasion. We end up shopping under duress. If your business uses the right payment processor to facilitate credit card payments, your customers will be verified instantly. This allows them to make that last minute purchase or catch that sale.

They can buy from distant locations

If you operate a physical store with an online presence, then credit card payments are the best way to serve out-of-state customers. They can access your store, pay using their cards, and have their goods delivered to them. For services, they can order at their convenience without leaving their homes or offices. On the other hand, if your business has a strictly virtual model, then credit cards are the only way customers can pay you, apart from cash or check on delivery. And even then, cards are faster, safer, and easier for your clientele.

They feel safer not carrying cash

If a customer plans on making a sizable purchase, they’ll have to carry a large bundle of cash which makes them a magnet for pickpockets and muggers. If they’re only spending a few dollars or cents, they may have the opposite problem of not having the right denominations. Either way, making change is a needless nuisance. Customers feel safer if they can just show up with a slim card and do their business with a single swipe.

They can earn loyalty points

Many credit cards are linked to loyalty programs, so using the card can earn the customer bonus points, discounts, frequent flyer miles, free gifts, or other incentives. These points can typically be exchanged for free products, services, or travel.

They can improve their credit

Banks prefer their customers using credit cards to cash because they can charge high rates of interest. That’s why many issuers offer higher spending limits based on usage. If a cardholder repays in good time and uses their card often, they can access more and more funds on credit. Improving their credit score definitely makes life easier for your customers.

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