Accepting Credit Card Payments for Your Small Business

A merchant account is the cornerstone of card processing. It is a kind of bank account which handles funds transferred through debit and credit cards.

Opening a merchant account through a payment processing service

If you cannot open a merchant account for any reason, you may still have options at your disposal. Independent credit card processing companies will accept companies that do not have a perfect credit rating, and which might be considered high-risk. When choosing a payment processing service, it’s very important to shop around. Different services have different fee structures.

Wholesale fees are the same across the market, and they are pretty much non-negotiable, but markups can vary greatly. When speaking to a sales representative from a merchant service provider, make sure you get all the information regarding the fees involved.

Some merchant banks offer extra tools such as payment gateways and even card processing equipment, while others do not. Here, you can find a lot more variety if you choose a third-party merchant service provider. These companies may even sometimes offer free equipment, and other tools to help you get set up as fast as possible, which once again makes the case for shopping around.

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