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Accepting Credit Card Payments for Your Piano Classes is a Sound Idea

Accepting credit card payments for piano classes is a sound idea for both home-based and studio-based businesses. One reason is that it will help your students stay current with their payments, which will relieve you of paperwork and need to actively collect the fees. Internet processing software is the most flexible of credit card processing systems. You could use a keypad terminal to accept credit cards at your studio or a mobile processor or smartphone plugin for classes at your customers’ homes. Either would be a convenience for your customers and simplify your receipt of payments. With the permission of your customers, you will also be able to set up recurring payments, so that they will be charged automatically at regular intervals without either of you having to lift a finger.

Is Internet Processing Overkill?

Internet processing is the most flexible option, allowing you to accept credit cards face-to-face, by mail, over the phone, or online.  This software is used by ecommerce businesses online to automatically receive orders, accept and confirm payment and initiate order filling.

Piano lessons is a one-on-one business relationship that tends to require a personal relationship as well. By using the recurring automatic payment feature of internet credit card processing, money is removed from the personal interaction allowing a friendly teacher/student connection. You set up each account using free software provided by your merchant service. If lessons for Bobby are $35 a week, then each week on the same day $35 will be charged to Bobby’s parents’ credit card automatically. Two or three days later the funds will be in your account.

If customers want an invoice, you can print one out or send it electronically. The software maintains detailed records of each transaction. When tax time rolls around you’ll have a complete and accurate account of all your income through credit card transactions.

Great Flexibility

We like the idea of internet processing for piano classes because it allows direct withdrawal for payment and teachers can use it like a keypad terminal for phone or face-to-face purchases. It’s a great convenience for customers and, as a teacher, your income will be steady with little discussion of money. Many service providers have found the use of automatic payment a perfect solution because money is discussed only once. Long term care provided by orthodontists, psychiatrists, home care providers and more use internet processing for automatic recurring credit card payments. As a piano teacher, you may or may not want to give your students the option of automatic card processing. However, if you confidently convey to students and their parents that this is the way you have set up your business to receive payments, most people will accept it and be glad you’ve made it easy for them. Internet credit card processing is easy for the piano teacher to setup and learn to use. Your merchant service will walk you through all the steps and be on call in the unlikely event you experience difficulties.  The assurance of knowing when and how much money will be deposited into your account is a sound reason to accept credit card payments for piano classes.

For more information about the sound idea of accepting credit card payments for piano classes, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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