Accept Payments for Your Business More Easily

The best part about accepting payments through Merchant Services is how easy they make the whole process. From application to money in your business account, is the easiest merchant account service to work with. Maybe that’s because they are the most experienced.

More than twenty years in business is a long time in our ever-changing technical world. In that time has seen a lot of changes and learned what businesses need most from a merchant service. That’s one of the reasons that they have been named the number one rated merchant service for six consecutive years.

Well-known names such as AOL, Apple and more rate highly in their many areas of diverse services.

Accepting payments is easy, safe, and cost effective with

Businesses looking to sign up with a merchant account service provider can’t go wrong with Not only are they the leading merchant account provider, but their prices can’t be beat. You will see the word “free” frequently. For instance, when they sign up for a new account, merchants can expect:

  • Free application (no application fee)
  • Free setup
  • Free card machine or software
  • Free online shopping cart
  • Free search engine service
  • Free 24-hour tech support
  • Free training
  • Free guidance to the most useful services for your business.

In addition to free services you can include no long-term contract and no cancellation fees, except in the rare case of certain “high-risk” businesses.  Combine all of that with the best fees in the business and you will agree that makes accepting credit card payments easy and smart.

Your business can easily accept payments by card anywhere. offers multiple payment processing options that best serve your particular business. Some businesses benefit from multiple options. For example:

A florist could use a Point of Sale (POS) terminal in the shop for customers.  If the florist is smart and also accepts orders and payment on their website then they would need a virtual terminal and shopping cart.

The bridal shower organizer orders white rose centerpieces for each table delivered thirty minutes before the party. The party is two weeks out so the cost is estimated. Upon delivery the driver accepts full payment with a portable wireless terminal on a smart phone.

If the florist knew exactly what the final cost would be she could have accepted the shower planner’s credit card over the phone by using a keypad to key in the card information.

With check verification she could also have accepted a check either in person or over the phone without the concern of a bounced check.

This florist is making money 24 hours a day and growing his or her business by making it easier to buy from them than any other shop in town. Accepting the payment is easy for their business, so they accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Make accepting payment easier for your business and your customers. Call at 1-888-924-2743 for further information or visit them on the web at to apply for your own merchant account.

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