How to Accept Credit Cards on Your Website in Real-time.

Adding online capabilities to your business can help you reach a whole new audience. Whether you have an e-commerce store, or if you simply would like to sell goods or services online, accepting credit card payments through your website is convenient for both you and your customers.

Merchant Accounts and Payment Gateways

Merchant accounts usually come with online capabilities, but there are banks which offer merchant accounts specifically to be used on the Internet. Both work in a similar manner – the bank is technically extending you a line of credit, which is then used to accept payments.

In order to accept payments directly from your website in real-time, you will also need a payment gateway. These gateways are able to connect your customer’s credit card account to your merchant account, handle the verification and transfer request processes, and then complete the transaction on your behalf.  There are several gateways to choose from for your business.


Many to choose from

“Merchant services” refers to the hardware, software, services, and financial relationships needed for your business to accept and process credit or debit card payments from your customers. Many types of entities are authorized to be merchant services providers, and they are also known as merchant account providers.  These include credit card processors, acquirers, acquiring banks, or processors. You can accept credit or debit card transactions online, through a payment card reader, or with a point-of-sale system. When you are searching for a merchant account provider so that you can accept credit cards on your website, ensure that you ask the right questions. With the right information, you can make an informed decision. Check if the provider of choice has a proven track record. Find out if they offer technical support. Make sure that you are aware of their rates, and whether they are reasonable for the service they provide. And of course, consider the specific needs of your business. Armed with the right questions and satisfactory answers, you can choose the most suitable provider so that your business can accept credit cards.

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