With the recession affecting conventional jobs and the gig economy booming, more and more enterprising individuals are building incomes around their hobbies and passions. Any modern business adviser will confirm that it’s a good way to go, because niche vendors are doing something they love, they’re already good at it, and they can scale their progress and pace themselves.

Niche businesses can do well because these vendors already know what their customer base is and where to find them. This refines their marketing approach as well as their sales strategy, supply chain, and day-to-day business activities. All that’s left is to secure a payment method.

A niche solution for niche businesses

Customers of a niche business are slightly different from mass market industries. They are likely to expect personalized attention. They also regularly want customized products and services. Offering this level of individualized attention takes time and money, so vendors need to cut costs whenever they can. This is where comes in.

The service allows vendors to accept payments from their buyers throughout the US. Payments can be made by check or credit card, and the entire process is fast and secure. Here are just some of the ways using this service can drastically minimize your business expenses:

  • Free application
  • Free sign-up
  • Free electronic keypad
  • Free virtual terminal
  • Free processing or debit and credit cards
  • Free check processing
  • Free apps for Android, Apple, Amazon, Blackberry, and other phone OS
  • Free customer care
  • Free shopping cart
  • Free programing

Unbeatable prices or $200 back guarantees the best rates in the market, and it’s not an idle promise. They’re willing to put their money where their mouth is. They charge as low as 15 cents per transaction, and offer discounts as low as 0.25%. As vendors establish their niche businesses, they routinely shop around for good deals, and encourages them to do so. is sure vendors won’t find better prices, and if they do, they will pay the vendor $200 for their trouble! This offer applies to vendors within the United States. Some companies promise guaranteed service or the customer’s money back. promises to pay out of their own pocket if competitors can beat their prices, and nothing helps a niche vendor more than free money. For the full details, just go to the link for the “Low Cost Guarantee” at the very bottom of the page at

Personal assistance to set up accounts

Businesses that operate in a niche often have a highly specific skill set. It’s the nature of their business. This isn’t a problem for Vendors don’t need any technical ability to set up their credit card facilities, because personal assistants from will talk them through the whole process at no charge. If at any point the vendors are stuck, they can always call, toll-free to receive free, friendly, and comprehensive tech support, available 24/7, every day of the year.

To set up effective e-commerce for your small niche business–or for any business at all–sign up today by calling toll-free at 1-888-924-2743 or visit their website at for more information.


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