Accept Checks Anytime, Anywhere

While most people use plastic as their currency of choice, some customers still prefer paying for products and services by check. But what if you own an online business or a home-based business? With merchant accounts, entrepreneurs can now accept checks from their customers anytime, anywhere.

In addition to credit card processing online, is proud to offer free check processing software services by Web, phone, and fax — a $300 value. This means that you can now receive checks from your customers over the phone, by fax, through the internet via email, or through your website. While the check processing software is free, there is a 5 cent chart for every check processed.

Do you own a mail order company or a home-based business? How about a restaurant or retail shop? No problem! Our check processing service is ideal for nearly every type of business, from mail order companies to home-based businesses and even restaurants.

It’s time to accept checks no matter where your business takes you. How do you take advantage of our complimentary check processing services? By simply applying for a merchant account with Our merchant account application process is free and so is the set-up. If you want to accept credit cards and checks, visit to apply for a merchant account today.

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