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A Clean Sweep with Credit Card Processing For House Cleaning Businesses

There are multiple reasons for house cleaning, handyman, or other home maintenance businesses to utilize credit card processing as payment for their services. Before mobile credit card processing, you or one of your workers would be dispatched from the office to your home where the cleaning, handyman, or maintenance work would be done. You or your worker might leave a hand-written invoice or tell the homeowner to expect to receive the bill in the mail. Either way, you, the merchant, are waiting for payment on many jobs. You might even receive a check immediately, but even then, you’d still be looking at about a week or so before money is in your bank account. Your bill is probably low on your customers’ lists of priorities, possibly behind their mortgage, utilities, cell phone bills and more. It might take reminder phone call after phone call plus a couple of months before you get paid. And even after that, sometimes you just never get paid. Meanwhile, you’re buying material and showing up or sending workers out every day while trying to meet payroll each week. If you are your sole employee you’re working hard but sometimes you may feel like you are begging for your money.

Put Your Business on a Professional Standard with Credit Card Processing For Home Maintenance Businesses

Essentially, you have been extending credit to every customer of your house cleaning, handyman, or home maintenance business. The result is a constant cash flow deficit that necessitates your also taking on the role of bill collector.  You can change all that by accepting credit cards as payment on the spot at the completion of each job. Turn your cell phone into a credit card machine. It’s simple to do, and it’s easy. Your customers will appreciate having the option to complete the transaction using their credit card on the spot. The benefits to your business will change your life.

  • You will free up time now used to prepare and send out invoices.
  • There will be no more bounced checks or late payments.
  • Cash flow will improve so you’re operating professionally and with less anxiety. ‘
  • You will know immediately if your customer’s payment is approved.

Not only that, but you’ll also attract customers who prefer the convenience of paying by credit card. Right now, you have no idea how many customers you are losing to competitors who accept credit cards from customers who don’t want to deal with bills, checks, or cash.

Imagine how credit card processing would change your personal and financial situation. Make a mobile credit card payment at time of service your standard operating procedure and enable compliance by accepting credit cards as payment.

For a Clean Sweep Choose Credit Card Processing for Your House Cleaning, Handyman, or Home Maintenance Business

Every employee that your house cleaning, handyman, or home maintenance business has can accept credit card payment using a mobile card processing solution in the field. If you send ten trucks with technicians out today and all receive payment by credit card, you will have made money today instead of hoping you made money today. A lot of paperwork will be eliminated, and maintaining income and expense accounts will be simpler. This is time available to devote to building your customer base. You can plan your growth because your profit and loss statements will be current and your projections will be more accurate.

The simplicity of choosing a merchant service for credit card processing systems is amazing. Look for a provider with 24/7/365 tech support to call if you have any questions or problems. Any fees associated with credit card processing can quickly be offset by expanding your business receiving timely payments for your work in ways that are out-of-reach without accepting credit cards..

For more information about mobile credit card processing for home maintenance businesses, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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